Monday, 29 August 2011

Achtung Sniper!

A 1st Parachute Brigade sniper and his spotter take position...

"Jerry didn't see that coming!" Sergeants Harry Miller and Tom 'Ginger' McCoy on the hunt for German patrols.

Figures are from the Bolt Action British Airborne range.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Germans on Patrol II.

Here is my second batch of painted German Wehrmacht. To be honest they are not all complete (some of them look like they are walking across a sandy beach at the moment) and I need to add a couple more men with an MG34 and ammo to complete a squad but I couldn't resist posting an update!

A squad under the command of Leutnant Adler set up a defensive position in a ruined farmhouse...

Adler postions his MG42 team.

Feldwebel Trommler sets up his mortar team for best effect.

Obergefreiter Mauer leads his rifle section to the perimeter of the farmhouse.

A 'birds eye' view of the defensive position.

Meanwhile, Sturmscharfuhrer Ritter and his spotter Unterscharfuhrer Hahn take up a vantage point in the tree-line.

Finally, satisfied that the objective is secure, Leutnant Adler and Obergefreiter Mauer move the squad to a secondary position...

Figures are a mix from West Wind, Wargames Foundry, Bolt Action and Black Tree Design.

New German Recruits.

Based and undercoated the bulk of my unpainted Germans. Doubt I will try to paint them all in one go (like I did with my Viking horde!) but will select the ones I fancy and try to build them up as squads and add a couple of officers as I go.

The new Wehrmacht recruits.

Generaloberst Florian Hoffmann and his staff.

Figures are from Crusader and Artizan.

Next job is to base and undercoat my 30 or so Fallschirmjager.