Saturday, 16 July 2011

Germans on Patrol.

Been slowly working on one or two German Heer for a while (in between Vikings and WW1 Russians) to add to the small bunch of 'Jerries' for our WW2 project. Here is Hauptmann Klaus Degl leading a group of men on a patrol of a ruined farmhouse...
Hauptmann Degl sends forward Gefreiter Ochs under the cover of Unterfeldwebel Schirlitz.

Degl leads his men to check the other side of the ruined building.

The Hauptmann and his men secure the perimiter. To the right, Oberfähnrich Stahl surveys the area ahead with his sniper, Obergefreiter Dennhardt, in tow...

Figures from Artizan, West Wind, Crusader and Bolt Action.