Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Currahee!" (Overpaid. Oversexed. Over here.) - 101st Airbourne.

An understrength platoon from 'Dog' Company of the 506th PIR, 101st US Airborne.

"Hey Joey - which way to Europe?" Pathfinders.

1st Squad, under Sgt. William 'Buck' Hemmings.

2nd Squad, under Sgt. Richard 'Tricky' Warden.

3rd Squad, under Sgt. Thomas 'Duke' Dukeman Jnr.

Command group, led by Captain Ronald Autumn.

Dusk falls on Sgt. Floyd McGrath and the support weapons team...

Painted using the Army Painter technique (speed painted!)

Figures are from Artizan.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Russians are Coming II!!

More Russian infantry. Late war Eastern Front.

Russian Squad under Serzhant Pavel Malinovsky.

Russian uniform from the Imperial War Museum.

Still a work in progress - lots more to do!

Figures are all Bolt Action.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Germans on Patrol IV.

Oberst Deiter Loewe tries to organise his tired and battle weary men - an understrength platoon of German Heer.

Oberst Loewe and command unit.

First Gruppe, under Leutnant Kortig.

Second Gruppe, under Hauptmann Reinhard.

'Tank Killer' weapons team, under Hauptmann Waechter.

MG42 team.

MG34 team.

The whole Platoon.

Painted using the Army Painter technique.

Figures are mainly Crusader but also Artizan, Black Tree Design and Bolt Action.