Sunday, 4 September 2011

Wargames Foundry Kubelwagen.

Got around to putting together my Kubelwagen from the apparently diminishing Wargames Foundry WW2 28mm range. It seems this is no longer available from them. Shame as I have a soft spot for the Foundry range - they tend to come up a bit smaller than some other makes like Crusader Miniatures, Artizan or Black Tree but they have some great sculpts with plenty of character. I am fortunate enough to have nearly 40 each of the German Infantry and British Commandos and my brother in law Jim is kindly painting about 20 more fallschirmjager for me. I may have to treat myself to the 'England Invaded' collection. Who can't love the 'Home Guard Heroes' or 'Downed German Air Crew' sets!

Back to what I do have...I can't currently decide whether to have the kubelwagen with or without its driver and passengers? One of my gaming buddies suggested I should have three - one with, one without and one destroyed/wrecked! Perhaps later Rob...for now I have a fair amount of wehrmacht troops to get sorted first!

A couple of (badly lit) pictures below with some minor progress...

Nearly finished / just started German infantry and kubelwagen without driver etc.

Kubelwagen with driver and passengers.

Figures shown from left to right are Wargames Foundry, Artizan 'Heer' and Artizan 'late war' Germans.


  1. I think the Home Guard Heroes would be a must have, they look great.

  2. I am working on a companies worth for Home Guard. The heroes are great - just like Dad's Army. Lots of spectacles to paint and I am dreading Pike's scarf. My one minor quibble is with the support weapons sections. They only come in helmets not side caps so a section or platoon all with the same head gear is impossible without head swaps.