Saturday, 18 August 2012

French Resistance II.

At last, M. Bertin Vaux and Marc-Jean Ferrand are joined in their struggle against the Nazis by some new recruits to the cause. M. Vaux is not entirely happy to see his daughter Yvette has also joined them but at least she knows how to handle a Sten!

M. Bertin Vaux and his valiant fighters move out...

"Vive le France!!"

Figures are from Artizan and Foundry.


  1. Vive la France, indeed! Looking good!

    I early twentieth century armed civilians utterly useful - especially those armed with rifles - as they can generally be passed off as armed civilians or militia from any number of european nations and a number of different conflicts - Russian Partizans, French Resistance, Spanish (or "very British") Civil War militia, etc, etc...

  2. Totally agree Tim - there are so many available now too (Artizan, Bolt Action, Musketeer, Empress etc) I started buying a few figures with VBCW in mind and they have of course ended up as resistance fighters!