Monday, 30 June 2014

Chain of Command - "Red Beret Delight".

For the battle report visit Alleys of Distraction.

Somewhere in France 1944.

A British Airborne (Para) patrol has just entered a ruined village and are moving to secure this minor objective. Unbeknownst to them, a German Panzer Grenadier platoon has also just moved into the area. Both units must fight it out until one side retreats or is wiped out.

German Panzer Grenadiers

Elite +7
Aggressive Troops
Command Dice: 5
Force Morale: 9

Hauptmann Wechsler
Junior Leaders (Obergefreiter Mauer, Obergefreiter Dennhardt, Obergefreiter Reiniger)
3 sections (each 2 MG42 with 2 crew each, 5 Riflemen)
Panzerschreck Team (2 men)
Junior Leader (Leutnant Adler)
1 'green' section (MG42 with 2 crew, 7 Riflemen)

British Parachute Regiment

Elite +8
Aggressive Troops
Command Dice: 6
Force Morale: 10

Captain Erskine
Platoon Sgt. 'Tusk' Tasker
Junior Leaders (Sgt. Hall, Sgt. Swain, Sgt. Donaldson)
2 sections (each Bren Gun with 3 crew, 1 sten, 5 Riflemen)
1 section (2x Bren Gun with 3 crew each, 2 sten)
PIAT Team (2 men)
2" Mortar Team (2 men)
Sniper Team One
Sniper Team Two

The Battle

The Battlefield, South to North.

The Germans - 3 elite squads, 1 green section and an adjutant.

The Brits - 3 elite sections plus support.

The German jump off points.

Overview of the ruined village.

The Para jump off points.

First German section moves into cover.

The German adjutant and Hauptmann Wechsler by the farmhouse.

Paras secure two stongpoints.

Stalemate - The Jerry...

...and the Brits take heavy fire.

There's a Para sniper somewhere in there...

Shock mounts up!

2nd Para section moves up.

The 1st  German section were in trouble...

Another section sets its position near the farmhouse.

3rd section of Germans take cover in the treeline.

A Panzerschreck moves up.

Last German (green) section enter the fray.

The Para adjutant barks orders!

The Paras move up to the treeline to begin the assault.

Captain Erskine surveys the scene.

Paras hold out in a ruin.

The 'schreck takes hits and is effectively out of the game.

German sections at the jump off point.

Germans on right flank continue to take fire.

Paras assault under cover of smoke.

The 'green' squad moves forward but takes fire...

...whilst the second squad move up for a flanking assault.

Charge! The Brits attack!

German 3rd squad and Wechsler begin their flanking assault.

The result of "Handgranaten!" - bodies litter a French field.

Last man standing. Section leader Reiniger by the farmhouse.

Wechsler and the 3rd squad take a battering and retreat.

Victory for the Paras!

Pics by wardyla.

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  1. Great looking game. Nice to see a board chock full of terrain, a little slice of France.