Thursday, 13 October 2011

Germans on Patrol III.

The next group of Germans done. These are effectively an understrength veteran 'gruppe' still in their early war uniform. They look to be more of a 'defensive' squad with the HMG and ammo carriers and a couple of MP40's. Transport is provided by three Kfz 250's - a Kfz 250/1, a Kfz 250/7 with Mortar and a Kfz 250/9 with 2cm Cannon.

Leutnant Werfel and his men emerge from their bunker on orders to move to a new location...

The men exit the safety of the bunker.

Feldwebel Achen and Leutnant Werfel pause before moving out.

Gefreiter Biermann thinks he spots something and pulls up his MP40!

All is safe. The gruppe move out...

Figures are from Black Tree Designs. Vehicles are from Bolt Action and kindly prepared and painted for me by Tony Nicholls. Bunker is from the excellent p.m.c. range found on ebay.