Saturday, 30 August 2014

Chain of Command - German Advance vs French Reconnaissance.

We played a smaller game last night with the German looking to push back the French reconnaissance patrol.

This was difficult for the Germans as they only had one anti tank weapon. The mortar they had only had HE so was not fired once.

The French armored cars had to wait to withdraw until a third car caught up with them.

The Germans tried to maneuver froward and knock out a car via either machine guns (mostly ineffective but do stop them firing/moving) and use of the antitank weapon.

On the last turn before the French withdraw intact a HMG forced the last remaining armored car to panic, withdrawing by 2". This then put it square in the sites of the antitank weapon. The result the car was immobilized resulting in a German win.

All figures and terrain supplied by Chris, building are nice cardboard and foam card creations.

A lone armored car realizes there are Germans ahead

The full table the German advancing up the left while a platoon is based in the house bottom right

A close up of the Germans vs 2 armored car, just about to wipe out the French MG (In the building) section pinning them down.

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